Depleted much? This is just what you need πŸ˜Š

Today was one of those rare days that turned out to be so pleasant and simply happy to put it in simple terms. We’ve all been in stressful phases where we’ve had our fair share of emotional turbulence, our happy hormones completely depleted and the fear of falling back into the vicious cycle. Well I’m going through something of that sort for a while, and today was a pleasant change. Today was simply the opposite of feeling empty and depleted.

Someone much older and wiser than me, a professor had me hanging on to every word of his in rapt attention. I’ve always admired the way grandparents had this enthusiasm despite braving through the storm of their lives and this professor reminded me of people like them. He brought such a positive, delightful, infectious energy that obviously rubbed off on all those listening to him talk. I felt like Po, the panda listening to the great leader, Oogway share his wisdom. Maybe a more cheerful version of Oogway though. He’s the kind who would appreciate and encourage you more when you’ve committed an error rather than making you feel embarrassed. Those kind of teachers are the best don’t you think?.. they are the ones who bring out the best in you..

This was followed by a conversation with another wisened soul, who is sort of an elder brother to me. It was an inspiring conversation that certainly left me thanking my lucky stars for having auch wonderful people in my life..

As the day draws to an end, i find myself hoping again amidst all the pressure. No matter how challenging the situation, no matter how depleted you are of mental strength, find that last ounce of energy in you to keep pushing and keep hoping. After all what’s life without a bit of hope..
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